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Mary [userpic]
POSTPONED! - Beer Knit Night - Feb 24th
by Mary (marydotmusic)
at February 23rd, 2011 (11:47 am)

Because of the snow, we'll be rescheduling Beer Knit Night at Spinnakers. So have a good snow day! :)

The holiday season is behind us, but it's still nice and chilly. So get wrapped up in your woollies and head to the pub for a pint! We're making our way to Spinnakers this time. It's over the blue bridge in Vic West, right at the water.

Feb Beer Knit Night

Please RSVP by making a comment to this post and leave your name. Or apparently you can log into LJ through your Facebook account and comment too. Feel free to RSVP over on Ravelry too if that suits you better. :) Either way, if you can RSVP by Tuesday, Feb 22nd, that would be great. If you decide at the last minute, see you there!

Hope you can join us. Cheers!

becksgw [userpic]
Bent Mast Knit Night, Jan 21st
by becksgw (becksgw)
at January 17th, 2011 (06:47 pm)

Hello Bees!

Last Friday we discussed the lack of Beer Knit Nights and since that Friday we were denied (The Beagle was insanely busy…we forgot that it was game night!) we made a unanimous decision to make next Friday a Beer Knit Night.

The deets:

  • Friday, January 21st

  • The Bent Mast - 512 Simcoe Street (in James Bay - it’s the character house that forks the road kitty corner to the Thrifty’s)

  • 6pm to whenever (it closes at 2am!)

  • Reservation is under “Bees” or “Melissa”

Please leave a comment and let me know if you’re going to join us, and please do!!

Hope to see you all there!

deboboe [userpic]
Friday knit night
by deboboe (deboboe)
at January 12th, 2011 (10:28 am)

Hello all you lovely knitters,
Just a shout out to internet-land that Serious Coffee is closed this coming Friday (the 14th).
Therefore, we knitters of the previous Friday have deemed it wise to meet instead at The Beagle, the pub across the street from the coffee shop.
That is all.

becksgw [userpic]
Xmas Party Menu
by becksgw (becksgw)
at November 30th, 2010 (10:25 pm)

Hi everyone,

So here is a list of what people are planning to bring:
If your not sure what to bringcheck to see if there’s a hoel in the menu.

Becksgw - spingrolls, wontons, etc.
YarnOverHere - savory Appy
KnitPetal - artichoke dip & veggies
Ndanukiwi - veggie appy
NatalieBKnits - artichoke dip & chips

Knerdy - warm quinoa curry salad
GaiasColors - chilli?
Becky - Ginger coconut Dahl

WendyMC - cupcakes, pie ?
Meganimal - brownies?
Legerdemain - gingerbread somethings!

MisoCraftyKnits - baked brie?
BonnyAlma -
Sylascione -
Mprsdrose -
Semery -

Becky - soda water, tea, coffee, juice
Judy - warm mulled cidar

If anyone wants to update their item or add themsleves to the list, just copy/paste this into a new message and add your changes,


becksgw [userpic]
XMAS Party
by becksgw (becksgw)
at November 1st, 2010 (08:25 pm)

Its that time of year again already and we are once again planning the Bitchy Bees Xmas party.

We are going to try to have it before Xmas this year, specifically, Sunday the 5th of December.

The venue will again be Becky’s Basement, and the potluck went so well last year we figured ‘why change a good thing!’

If you can post whether you’ll bring an appy, dinner or dessert item then we can keep the calorie distribution even, maybe?

We will again exchange gifts, though the rules of engagement have yet to be finalized! Gifts should be knitting related and have a value of between $15.00 and $25.00.

If you don’t remember where Becky lives, or you’ve not been able to join previous gatherings at her house, please send her a message for Address details or catch her at knit night between now and then.

Please RSVP as soon as possible, so we can confirm that enough are coming to go ahead on this date. If the numbers are low, we’ll try for the new year.



Mary [userpic]
Save the Date: Dec 5th
by Mary (marydotmusic)
at October 27th, 2010 (01:31 pm)

Hey everyone!

A couple weeks back we were throwing out dates for our annual Christmas party. So I thought I'd let you all know now, so hopefully you can make it! This year's party will be on Sunday, December 5th. Official details to come, but it will be at Becky's house again this year. (Thanks Becky!)


Mary [userpic]
Purple Cap Campaign THIS SUNDAY!
by Mary (marydotmusic)
at October 19th, 2010 (03:13 pm)

Just posting an even taking place on behalf of Melissa - THERE'S FREE COFFEE/LATTES INVOLVED! ;) So grab some purple yarn and donate your time to knit for a great cause!

I'm doing a "Make Your Mark" event through Starbucks to knit up purple hats for the PURPLE Cap Campaign. I thought I could go a step further by putting the time I put in knitting these hats towards getting a grant for the non-profit organization that is Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome BC.

On the designated knitting day (this Sunday), for every hour I volunteer to knit these hats, Starbucks will donate $10 to the organization that I am volunteering for. I can accumulate even more money by having friends and family also volunteer their time. I can't guarantee that a grant can be made, as I need to have a certain amount of hours in total to qualify. So my goal is to have at least 5 people, myself included, knit for at least 5 hours (the min time spent on this has to be 25hrs). Even if a grant isn't rewarded, at least the time didn't go to waste and awareness has been raised for this cause.

  • When: Sunday October 24, 2010

  • Where: Starbucks James Bay (425 Simcoe Street) right next to Thrifty's.

  • Time: Starts at 12 noon til at least 6pm. If people want to stay longer, they can! I'll be there for however long it takes.

For those knitting for this cause, beverages will be supplied by Starbucks! And no, it won't be just drip coffee. Anything the knitter needs to keep those hands moving!

If possible, please have all volunteers RSVP by either emailing me at misocraftyATshawDOTca or PM me on Ravelry. That way I know how many to expect.

Please bring your needles, any purple yarn that is soft and suitable for babies, and your favorite baby hat pattern! If you don't have a pattern, I'll have a few on hand as well as a few skeins of yarn too.

Thanks!!! And hope to see you there!


Mary [userpic]
It's Beer Knitting Again!
by Mary (marydotmusic)
at September 27th, 2010 (05:03 pm)

After some talk, looks like there's another beer knit and it's Monday, October 4th. You know the drill!

Beer Knitting

Please RSVP by making a comment to this post and leave your name (or Ravelry name if you don't have an LJ account. Or apparently you can log in through Facebook now too.) If you can RSVP by Sunday, October 3rd, that would be great. If you decide at the last minute, see you there!

Thank you! Hope you can make it. Cheers!

becksgw [userpic]
Serious Coffee Entertainment, Fri 24th Sept.
by becksgw (becksgw)
at September 20th, 2010 (04:17 pm)

Celtic Band Cookeilidh Live at Serious Coffee on Cook Street  for those who have MeetUp.com sign in.

Otherwise . . .

Locally acclaimed celtic band Cookeilidh will be playing live at Serious Coffee in Cook Street Village.

The band is awesome and their concerts are always lively and engaging. They were live on KOOL-FM on St. Patrick's Day.

(Oh, and -- full disclosure -- my Tom is the bass player.)

The band plays from 7 - 10pm. The meetup starts at 6:00pm so that we'll have a chance to chat because when the band starts to play, it is hard not to just get caught up in the music.

$2 Meetup fee

Their CD will be for sale at the show and is only $10.

I'm sure as non-meetup people we wont have to pay the fees.

I LOVE celtic music!

Mary [userpic]
NEW LOCATION Tuesday Knit Nights
by Mary (marydotmusic)
at September 7th, 2010 (12:08 pm)

Due to Khona changing their closing hours to 7pm, we'll be moving our knit nights starting Tuesday, September 14th because knit nights should be more than one hour! :)

Howie, the Manager at the Cornerstone Cafe, said they're happy to have us knitters knit away at the cafe every Tuesday night. They close at 9pm and don't plan on reverting to fall/winter hours. Yay!

  • Tuesday Knit Nights at the Cornerstone Cafe

  • Starting Tuesday, September, 14th.

  • 6pm to whenever (They close at 9pm.)

The Cornerstone Cafe is in the heart of Fernwood. You can find it at the corner of Gladstone and Fernwood. There's some street parking in the neighbourhood. See a map by clicking here. On that map, point A is Khona, point B is the Cornerstone Cafe. If you can't find street parking, there possibly are spots by the high school or around the corner by the community centre (point C). (Thanks to Becky who noted that Google is wrong. I've updated the map to drive around the park to get to the other side of Gladstone.) Alternatively, there are lots of bike racks and it's also on the number 22 bus route.

We'll still be at Khona for one last time tonight, Sept 7th from 6pm to 7pm. After 7pm, you're more than welcome to pop into my place to knit for the rest of the night. I live by Cook and Pandora and can give you directions at Khona tonight. Or we can go to Cornerstone until 9pm. We can decide that or any other suggestions with the group tonight.

If you have any questions, drop by a knit night or feel free to leave a comment on this posting or over on our Ravelry page.

See you at Khona tonight or at a future knit night in Fernwood!