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The Weekly Knit Nite Of Victoria, BC

The Bitchy Bees - Weekly Knit Nite In Victoria, BC
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This is the web home of the Bitchy Bees Knit Nite, weekly meetup!

As seen in The Times Colonist.

Twice a week, we invade the serenity of the Cornerstone Cafe on Tuesdays and Serious Coffee on Fridays and wreak havoc and knitting mayhem upon it's staff and customers. We love knitting almost as much as we love being obnoxious! Come sit, stitch, socialize and swap stories and ideas with us. It's as simple as that, nothing pretentious at all. We are a boisterous and passionate group of knitters, and despite the name, we're really nice :-P
--Women and men, beginners and experts, bohemians and professionals, young and old, knitters, crocheters and other textile crafters -- all are welcome!

Don't know how to knit or crochet? Just bring needles and yarn with you and one of us will be happy to help you get started.
The only cost involved is the food or drink you order. We recommend a one beverage minimum. (They are running a business after all!)
So if you're interested in meeting up for a fun night of knitting, drop by! We love meeting new people :-)

Every Tuesday
Habit Coffee in the Atrium, downtown (corner of Yates and Blanshard.)
6pm to whenever (We usually take off around 9pm since it’s a school/work night.)
We sit in the back corner; closer to the Atrium. So when you are ordering your drink, we are to the right and around the corner, if they are free.

Every Friday
Qv Cafe & Bakery in Chinatown (corner of Government & Fisgard)
6pm to whenever (They close at 11pm and usually stay until they close!)

BEER KNITTING!!! Our bi-monthly pub knit night!
Next beerknit will be: TBA Keep an eye on our site for more details when they become available.

Applications to join this community will only be approved once you have actively participated in at least one of our weekly knit nites. Additional details are found in this post.

Please watch the community for any updates/changes to venue, dates and times. Thanks.

How It All Beegan (sorry I couldn't resist)

One day back in 2006 Nessa was bored with knitting all by her lonesome, so she recruited some coworkers to come knit with her each week. It began in March sometime, but by the summer most of her knitters stopped showing up. You see, they were "seasonal" knitters.
When the heat of the summer subsided, and the leaves began to fall off the trees, Nessa once again tried to establish a solid knit group. This time she had some truly dedicated knitters, such as Robin V, who met with her each Tuesday night at a local coffee shop to knit. Some weeks there were many knitters, some weeks it was just Robin & Nessa. Nessa soon invited her LJ friend marydotmusic to join, who is as crazy about yarn and knitting as Nessa! Mary never stopped coming, and now she is a co-moderator for the site, event organizer extraordinaire, and heads up the Tuesday group.
The idea for the name Bitchy Bees came from Adam, the barista at the local coffee shop who asked whether the group was a knitting bee or a stitch n bitch... after some discussion we decided that we were the "bitchy bees" and that was that. Although arguably we are neither bitchy nor are we actually bees.
One day Mary & Nessa set up the Bee's website just for fun, but after a while more and more newcomers showed up to knit. Apparently we had become Googleable! Today the Bitchybees knit nite has about 75 on & off members, and two knit nites a week, we also have a bimonthly beer knit! Nessa has gotten to meet so many awesome knitters & made some really good friends. :-)